Texas Chapter 362 Royal Arch Masons of Texas    Texas Council 321 Royal and Select Masters of Texas

Texas Chapter 362 Royal Arch Masons of Texas
Texas Chapter 321 Royal and Selec
t Masters of Texas
2017 - 2018 OFFICERS

               Chapter Council

High Priest - Robert Trevathean      Thrice Illustrious Master - Robert Trevathean
Excellent King - James Jones      Right Illustrious Deputy Master - James Jones
Excellent Scribe - Bruce W. Hammond, PHP      Principal Conductor of the Work - Bruce W Hammond, PTIM
Treasurer - V:.E:.Steve Wolf, MEGHP, PHP      Treasurer - V:.Ill:. Steve Wolf, PGM, PTIM

Secretary - Neal Addy            Recorder - Neal Addy
Captain of the Host - S. Ken Griffin, PHP    Chaplin - Henry B. Hash, PTIM
Principal Sojourner - Henry B. Hash, PHP   
Captain of the Guards - S. Ken Griffin, PTIM
Royal Arch Captain - David L. KIsselburg, PHP       
Conductor of the Council -David L. KIsselburg, PTIM

Master of the 3rd Veil -                                            
Steward - Gabriel Yagush

Master of the 2nd Veil - Gabriel Yagush                Sentinel - Robert E. Franklin
Master of the 1st Veil - 

Guard - 

Below are Pictures From Previous Installations and Other Activities

Prior Year Pictures and Officers

2010 Officer Installation

Bruce W. Hammond HP/TIM  Dennis K. Mead EK/RIDM  Jeff Snell ES/IPC  Robert E Franklin Sec/Recorder

2008 Officer Installation

Front L-R Henry Hash, S Kenneth Griffin, Dennis K. Mead, Les Bond, Mel Hagood, D . Oliver Sutton, George Feild, Michie Brous
Back L-R Robert L. Burris, Edward G. Knott Bruce W. Hammond

2008 Officers Texas Chapter 362 RAM
Front Row L-R Henry Hash, PHP; Ken Griffith, PHP; Dennis Mead; Les Bond JPHP; Mel Haygood, PHP, Secrtary; D. Oliver Sutton, PHO; George Feild, Michie Brous, PHP

Back Row L-R Robert Burris Excellent King; Edward G. Knott, High Priest; Bruce W. Hammond, Excellent Scribe

       Past High Priest - Past T.I.M. Dinner

A Dinner was hosted by current HP and T.I.M. Ed Knott to honor those who have served the Chapter and Council in the past.  The dinner was held at the Masonic Temple.  Dinner was prepared by Jackie Hagood and was a typical Texas meal of Chicken Fried Steak, Blacked Peas, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

It was good to see several Past High Priests and T.I.M's whom we had not seen for a while. Dinner was followed by a Humorous Magic show performed by Bro. Carl Jones, and was quite entertaining.  Carl provided his services for the lofty sum of a donation to a Masonic Charity of our choosing.  Upon suggestion of PHP Michie Brous, we will make a donation to both the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and the Shrine Hospitals.

  Past High Priest Michie M. Brous   Past High Priest Mel Hagood   Past High Priest  Jim Fester    Past High Priest J. F. Litchfield    Past High Priest  D. Oliver Sutton  High Priest Edward G. Knott

                              Past High Priest - S. Kenneth Griffin                                                                                            Past High Priest - Henry B. Hash